Index Fungorum no. 175

Effectively published 30/06/2014 14:55:02  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Peter M Letcher

Irineochytrium Letcher, Longcore & M.J. Powell, gen.nov.
Thallus monocentric, eucarpic, endogenous. Rhizoidal system with single axis, apophysate or non-apophysate. Zoospores broadly ellipsoidal, liberated en masse through rupture of apical, thin-walled, non-rigid operculum; not bound by a vesicle. Resting spore epibiotic. Zoospore ultrastructure reduced Chytridiaceae Group II (Letcher and Powell 2014) containing Golgi apparatus, paracrystalline inclusion and flagellar plug, and lacking fenestrated MLC cisterna and microtubuare root. Kinetosome-associated structures consisting of wing and globule. Analysis of partial small and large subunits of rDNA separate genus from Chytridium, Dendrochytridium, Phlyctochytrium, and Polyphlyctis within Chytridiaceae.
    Holotype: Irineochytrium annulatum (Dogma) Letcher, Longcore & M.J. Powell 2014.

Irineochytrium annulatum (Dogma) Letcher, Longcore & M.J. Powell, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Chytriomyces annulatus Dogma, Nova Hedwigia 18: 349 (1969)