Index Fungorum no. 184

Effectively published 23/08/2014 05:15:57  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Alexander Urban & Wolgang Klofac

Boletus xanthopus Klofac & A. Urb., sp.nov.
Basidiome boletoid, pileus up to 12 cm broad, mottled deep brown, light brown, ochraceous or with shades of yellow, stipe yellowish, rarely with orange or reddish tones at different places, nearly smooth to finely, inconspicuously floccose, floccons mostly concolorous with stipe suface, later darkening, ochraceous to brownish, pileus- and stipe surface changing weakly to (greyish) blue when bruised fresh, pores red or orange, later discoloring to yellow, hymenophore and context yellowish, rapidly turning blue when bruised, usually nowhere red, exceptionally in the cortex of the stipe base faintly reddish, spores (10−) 13.5−15 (−16) × (3.8−) 4−5 (−5.5) µm, hyphae inamyloid. Pileipellis a trichoderm consisting of interwoven hyphae up to 5 µm broad, more or less heavily incrusted with brownish pigment detaching in 3% KOH.
    Holotype WU 31411.
GenBank KM027387