Index Fungorum no. 192

Effectively published 17/10/2014 13:34:17  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Alfredo Vizzini

Neoboletus Gelardi, Simonini & Vizzini, gen.nov.
Basidiome stipitate-pileate with tubular hymenophore, epigeal, evelate; pileus convex to applanate, bay-brown, date-brown, olive-brown, reddish-brown to blood red, ochraceous or yellow, opaque, dry, velvety to subtomentose; hymenophore poroid, adnate or slightly depressed around stipe apex; tubes yellow to olivaceous-brown; pores reddish-orange, blood red to reddish-brown, yellowish-orange or yellow; stipe central, solid, yellowish, ornamented by conspicuous reddish to reddish-brown or yellow punctuations throughout or at least in the upper part, sometimes reticulate, with or without strigose base; context firm, pale yellow to bright yellow; tissues quickly turning dark blue when injured or exposed; taste mild; spore print olive-brown; basidiospores smooth, subfusiform to ellipsoidal to ellipsoidal-fusoid; pleuro-, cheilo- and caulocystidia present; pileipellis a subparallel or interwoven trichoderm tending to a cutis; hymenophoral trama bilateral-divergent of the Boletus-type; lateral stipe stratum of the boletoid type under a fertile caulohymenium; clamp connections absent; stipe context inamyloid; ontogenetic development gymnocarpic. Etymology: the epithet neoboletus (neo= new) is derived from Latin and refers to the morphological affinities of the new genus with the other boletoid genera.
    Holotype: Boletus luridiformis Rostk. 1844.

Neoboletus brunneissimus (W.F. Chiu) Gelardi, Simonini & Vizzini, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Boletus brunneissimus W.F. Chiu, Mycologia 40(2): 228 (1948)

Neoboletus junquilleus (Quél.) Gelardi, Simonini & Vizzini, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Dictyopus junquilleus Quél., Compt. Rend. Assoc. Franç. Avancem. Sci. 26(2): 450 (1898) ['1897']

Neoboletus luridiformis (Rostk.) Gelardi, Simonini & Vizzini, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Boletus luridiformis Rostk., in Sturm, Deutschl. Fl. 3 Abt. (Pilze Deutschl.) 5: 105 (1844)

Neoboletus magnificus (W.F. Chiu) Gelardi, Simonini & Vizzini, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Boletus magnificus W.F. Chiu, Mycologia 40(2): 221 (1948)

Neoboletus sinensis (T.H. Li & M. Zang) Gelardi, Simonini & Vizzini, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Xerocomus sinensis T.H. Li & M. Zang, in Zang, Li & Petersen, Mycotaxon 80: 486 (2001)