Index Fungorum no. 209

Effectively published 22/01/2015 12:20:09  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Walter Jaklitsch

Savoryellaceae Jaklitsch & Réblová, in W.M. Jaklitsch & M. Réblová, fam.nov.
Ascomata immersed or superficial, perithecial, globose to pyriform, brown to black, coriaceous, papillate, with periphysate ostiole, central or eccentric when lying horizontally to the host; peridium of brown thick-walled cells. Hamathecium of paraphyses. Asci clavate to cylindrical, unitunicate, persistent, with an inamyloid apical ring. Ascospores ellipsoid, fusiform, several-septate, versicolorous with brown middle cells and hyaline end cells, smooth, thick-walled, with or without polar mucilaginous pads or appendages. Anamorphs hyphomycetous, dematiaceous. Worldwide; aquatic, on submerged wood in freshwater, marine and brackish habitats.
    Holotype: Savoryella E.B.G. Jones & R.A. Eaton 1969.