Index Fungorum no. 237

Effectively published 03/04/2015 01:10:35  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Lynne Sigler

Emmonsia helica Sigler, in Sigler, L., sp.nov.
Colonies yellowish white, moderately fast growing, tolerant of cycloheximide. Asexual and sexual spores absent. Vegetative mycelium hyaline, septate, narrow, occasionally with racquet mycelium. Hyphae characteristically developing curved lateral branches that often coalesce to form a rudimentary gymnothecium. Thick-walled, yellowish-brown, helically coiled appendages typical of Ajellomyces present. Thermotolerant, producing a yeast-like state at 35C. Phylogenetically in the Ajellomycetaceae. Represented by GenBank no. EF592154. Etymology: refers to helically coiled appendages.
    Holotype UAMH 7101.