Index Fungorum no. 242

Effectively published 19/05/2015 08:21:47  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Paul. M. Kirk

Meliolomycetidae P.M. Kirk & K.D. Hyde, in Maharachchikumbura et al., subclass.nov.
Mycelium usually superficial, copious, dark, thick-walled, frequently branched, often rough-walled or with mucous coating, usually with appressoria (capitate hyphopodia) and producing conidiogenous cells (mucronate hyphopodia). Stromata absent. Ascomata superficial on lateral branches of hyphae, ± spherical or flattened, black, thick-walled, cleistothecial, breaking down irregularly or opening with a large irregular apical hole. Interascal tissue poorly developed, of wide thin-walled often evanescent paraphyses. Asci very thin-walled, clavate or ± globose, without apical structures, evanescent, usually 2-spored. Ascospores brown, usually 4-septate, constricted at the septa, often with a narrow sheath. Anamorphs inconspicuous, probably spermatial, with flask-shaped conidiogenous cells formed directly from vegetative hyphae. Conidia small, hyaline.
    Holotype: Meliola Fr. 1825.