Index Fungorum no. 245

Effectively published 04/06/2015 11:19:52  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Paul. M. Kirk & K. Voigt

Kirkomycetoideae K. Voigt, subfam.nov.
Forming multispored, deliquescent-walled sporangia on simple sporangiophores typically associated with smaller multispored persistent walled sporangiola arise laterally on the sporangiophore and borne on long, recurved to twisted and contorted pedicels. Heterothallic.
    Holotype: Kirkomyces Benny 1996.

Mucoroideae K. Voigt & P.M. Kirk, subfam.nov.
Forming sporangia, either with persistent or deliquescent wall. Zygospores formed on opposed suspensors. Heterothallic and homothallic. Mainly saprobes.
    Holotype: Mucor Fresen. 1850.

Thamnidioideae K. Voigt & P.M. Kirk, subfam.nov.
Forming multispored, deliquescent-walled columellate sporangia and (occasionally exclusively) few-spored to unispored, persistent-walled columellate sporangiola either borne on the same or separate, morphologically identical sporangiophores which lack sterile spines. Mainly heterothallic, rarely homothallic.
    Holotype: Thamnidium Link 1809.