Index Fungorum no. 278

Effectively published 02/12/2015 10:02:17  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : P.M. Kirk

Lactarius beatonii P.M. Kirk, nom.nov.
    Replaced synonym: Elasmomyces hepaticus G.W. Beaton, Pegler & T.W.K. Young, Kew Bull.39(4): 676 (1984).
    Competing synonym: Lactarius hepaticus Plowr., in Boudier, Icon. Mycol. (Paris) 4: 28 (1905)

Lactarius crichtonii (G.W. Beaton, Pegler & T.W.K. Young) P.M. Kirk, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Cystangium crichtonii G.W. Beaton, Pegler & T.W.K. Young, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc. 86(1): 181 (1986)

Lactarius densus (R. Heim) P.M. Kirk, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Elasmomyces densus R. Heim, Revue Mycol. Paris 24: 93 (1959)

Lactarius denudatus (Calonge & J.M. Vidal) P.M. Kirk, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Gastrolactarius denudatus Calonge & J.M. Vidal, Revta Catal. Micol. 21: 60 (2005) ['2004']

Lactarius lactarioides (Zeller) P.M. Kirk, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Arcangeliella lactarioides Zeller, Mycologia 39(3): 282 (1947)

Lactarius mendocinensis P.M. Kirk, nom.nov.
    Replaced synonym: Arcangeliella desjardinii Thiers, Sydowia37: 300 (1984).
    Competing synonym: Lactarius desjardinii Methven, The Agaricales (Gilled Fungi) of California 10. Russulaceae II. Lactarius (Eureka): 61 (1997)

Lactarius paulus P.M. Kirk, nom.nov.
    Replaced synonym: Arcangeliella parva Thiers, Sydowia37: 301 (1984).
    Competing synonym: Lactarius parvus Peck, Ann. Rep. N.Y. St. Mus. nat. Hist. 29: 44 (1878) ['1876']

Lactarius saylorii (Thiers) P.M. Kirk, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Arcangeliella saylorii Thiers, Sydowia 37: 302 (1984)

Lactarius textus (J.W. Cribb) P.M. Kirk, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Secotium sessile var. textum J.W. Cribb, Pap. Dept. Bot. (formerly Biol.) Univ. Qd. 3: 108 (1956)

Lactarius variegatus (Thiers) P.M. Kirk, comb.nov.
    Basionym: Arcangeliella variegata Thiers, Beih. Sydowia 8: 383 (1979)