Index Fungorum no. 284

Effectively published 30/12/2015 17:57:29  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Scott A. Redhead

Lagenidium callinectes Couch ex Redhead, sp.nov.
English description here provided under the name Lagenidium callinectes [in 1942 a nom. invalid., Melbourne Code Art. 39.1] in Jour. Elisha Mitchel Sci. Soc. 58(2): 158. 1942. Epitype, here designated, ATCC 24973 (cryopreserved), isolated from ova of Callinectes sapidus, in 1971, vicinity of Newport Estuary, North Carolina, USA (viz. C.E. Bland and H.V. Amerson. Mycologia 65: 310-320. 1973) and linked to an attempted neotypification and specimen as L-1 at BPI by L.M. Crisp, C.E. Bland and G. Bahnweg, Mycologia 81: 709-716. 1989, and by M.J. Dick as Salilagenidium callinectes [nom. invalid., Art. 35.1, and 38.5, 39.1, 40.1, 40.3, 41.2] in Straminipilous Fungi, p. 315. 2001. Epitype sequences in Genbank as AB285486, AB284571, AB285217 (see also links in Y. Muraosa et al. in Mycoscience 50: 106-115. 2009 and Y. Muraosa et al. in Fish Pathology 47: 41-48. 2012).
    Holotype Fig. 17 on Pl. 19 as Lagenidium callinectes in Jour. Elisha Mitchel Sci. Soc. 58(2): [Note caption on p. 162], 1942, depicting infection on eggs from marine coast near East Lynnhaven, summer 1942 by M. Sandoz, transmitted by C.L. Newcombe .