Index Fungorum no. 301

Effectively published 02/04/2016 13:32:43  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Scott A. Redhead

Amanita veldiei D.A. Reid & Eicker ex Redhead, sp.nov.
Diagnosis supplied under the name Amanita veldiei by D. A. Reid and A. Eicker in their article South African fungi: the genus Amanita, in Mycological Research (1991, vol. 95), specifically on pages 93-95. Previously not validly published because two fungaria (K and PRUM) were indicated for all specimens (on p. 80) and the specific fungarium for the holotype was not indicated in contravention of Art. 40.7 (Melbourne Code) beginning in 1990. Apparently never validated previously.
    Holotype Bapsfontein, prope Pretoria, 27 Feb. 1989, V. et M. van Greuning, K(M) 15592.