Index Fungorum no. 315

Effectively published 31/12/2016 23:28:37  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Scott A. Redhead

Leucoagaricus Locq. ex Singer, Sydowia 2(1-6): 35 (1948).
    Lectotype Leucoagaricus rubrotinctus (Peck) Singer 1948, hic designatus.
Although Singer (1948) validated and elevated Locquin's invalid subgeneric name 'Leucocoprinus sect. Leucoagaricus' and named as 'species typica' 'L. macrorhizus (Locquin.) Singer' that name was invalid, lacking Latin. Two other valid names were available, L. excoriatus and L. rubrotinctus. The latter is chosen because it is still currently recognized as a Leucoagaricus phylogenetically. By this lectotypification, the name 'Leucoagarics sect. rubrotincta' coined by Singer (1948) and typified by L. rubrotinctus, becomes the autonym Leucoagarics sect. Leucoagaricus. The name Leucoagaricus macrorhizus Locq. ex E. Horak was later validated in 1968.