Index Fungorum no. 316

Effectively published 18/01/2017 08:29:28  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Igor Safonov

Butyriboletus taughannockensis Safonov, sp.nov.
Pileus: Up to 14 cm wide and broadly plano-convex at full maturity; pellicle dry, faintly tomentose to minutely scruffy on the disk and almost smooth toward the margin at first, covered with appressed, short, dark and interwoven fibrils and tiny scruffy tufts when young, rich chamoisse to pinkish cocoa brown when young, becoming lighter in age on the disk and turning yellowish-brown toward the periphery, not discoloring in any way when touched or bruised. Hymenophore: pore surface medium honey-yellow to dingy egg-yolk yellow at first, becoming rich butter yellow and finally greenish mustard yellow at maturity, not bluing when touched or bruised; pores closed shut when young, circular to oval, 1-2 per mm at maturity; tubes 1 mm deep when very young and up to 17 mm deep at maturity, more or less concolorous with the pore surface, not bluing or discoloring when cut or exposed to air. Stipe: Up to 10 cm long, up to 1.8 cm wide at the apex and up to 3.2 cm wide at the base, oval-shaped in cross-section in all specimens, clavate to subclavate to almost equal, with a somewhat bulbous base, L-shaped to slightly bent to shallowly S-shaped to almost straight; surface uniformly pale/dull lemon yellow, but with a darker yellow apex and with the base covered with a whitish bloom at first, gradually and uniformly assuming a light pinkish-brown or light vinaceous-brown coloration from the base all the way up to the apex upon ageing, not bluing when handled or injured, prominently but not coarsely reticulated from the apex down to at least mid-length. Microscopic features: spores 10.5–12.8 × 3.5–4.0 µm.
    Holotype: IGS personal herbarium; I. Safonov, MO250839.
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