Index Fungorum no. 382

Effectively published 12/12/2018 21:02:04  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Danny Haelewaters, Walter P. Pfliegler, Michal Gorczak & Donald H. Pfister

Herpomycetales Haelew. & Pfister, ord.nov.
Dioecious; 4-celled primary axis of thallus developing directly from ascospore; suprabasal cell in female thallus giving rise to secondary axis (or axes), producing perithecia and connecting directly with integument of the host; perithecia multi-tiered, outer wall rows consisting of many cells equal in height; ascospores 8 per ascus with median septum. On Blattodea (cockroaches).
    Holotype: Herpomyces Thaxt. 1902.
There is a single family Herpomycetaceae I.I. Tav. (1981) with a single genus, Herpomyces Thaxt. (1902). The type species of the genus is Herpomyces chaetophilus Thaxt. (1902). Currently, 25 species are validly described in the Herpomycetales. GenBank accession numbers: Herpomyces chaetophilus: isolates D. Haelew. 435b (USA: Massachusetts, Cambridge), SSU MG438318, ITS MG438292; D. Haelew. 483b (USA: Massachusetts, Cambridge), SSU MG438319, ITS MG438293, LSU MG438350; D. Haelew. 483e (USA: Massachusetts, Cambridge), SSU, MG438320, LSU MG438351; D. Haelew. 602b (USA: Massachusetts, Cambridge), SSU KT800023, ITS KT800039, LSU KT800009; D. Haelew. 1097b (Panama: Colón, Gamboa), SSU MG438321, ITS MG438294, LSU MG438352; D. Haelew. 1097c (Panama: Colón, Gamboa), SSU MG438322, ITS MG438295, LSU MG438353. Herpomyces ectobiae: isolates TW793a (USA: California, Burbank), ITS MG438296; MG001 (Poland: Warsaw), SSU KT800024, ITS KT800040. Herpomyces leurolestis: isolates D. Haelew. 1417b (Hungary: Debrecen), ITS MG438297; Debr_Ppal (Hungary: Debrecen), SSU MG438323, ITS MG438298, LSU MG438354; 2017/0199 (Hungary: Debrecen), ITS MG438299. Herpomyces paranaensis: isolates D. Haelew. 1365a (Panama: Panamá, Chilibre), ITS MG438300; D. Haelew. 1365b (Panama: Panamá, Chilibre), ITS MG438301. Herpomyces periplanetae: isolates TW437c (USA: Massachusetts, Cambridge), SSU MG438324, ITS MG438302, LSU MG438355; TW448b (USA: Massachusetts, Cambridge), SSU MG438325, ITS MG438303, LSU MG438356; D. Haelew. 602a USA: Massachusetts, Cambridge), SSU MG438326, ITS MG438304; D. Haelew. 602c (USA: Massachusetts, Cambridge), SSU KT800025, ITS KT800041, LSU KT800010; D. Haelew. 602d (USA: Massachusetts, Cambridge), SSU MG438327, ITS MG438305, LSU MG438357; D. Haelew. 620a (USA: New York, NYC), SSU MG438328, ITS MG438306, LSU MG438358; D. Haelew. 654b (Panama: Panamá, Ancón), SSU MG438329, ITS MG438307; D. Haelew. 654c (Panama: Panamá, Ancón), SSU MG438330, ITS MG438308, LSU MG438308; D. Haelew. 1187d (USA: Massachusetts, Cambridge), SSU MG438331, ITS MG438309, LSU MG438359; Herpomyces stylopygae: isolates Bud_Bori (Hungary: Budapest), SSU MG438332, ITS MG438310, LSU MG438360; Bud_Bori_2 (Hungary, Budapest), ITS MG438311.