Index Fungorum no. 402

Effectively published 14/06/2019 07:37:59  (ISSN 2049-2375)

Nomenclatural novelties : Renato Brotzu, Livio Lorenzon, Fabio Padovan, Francesco Bellý, BŠlint Dima

Cortinarius hemicaeruleus Brotzu, Lorenzon, Padovan, Bellù & Dima, sp.nov.
Pileus convex with involute margin when young, flattened in adult specimen, smooth or slightly tomentose in the center, colour brownish, brown chocolate, with very slight veil residues in the center, clearly violet for some centimeter, especially in young specimens diameter from 4 to 15 cm Lamellae moderately narrow, slighthly sinuous, slightly whitish lamellas on the edge, more violet towards the pileic margin and then clearly brownish adnexed-adnate to the stipe. Stipe very robust, 5 to 12 cm long, 2-4 cm diam., cylindrical, sometimes a little inflated in the middle part and then fusiform towards the base surface withish, covered with ocher-brownish cortina residues also a little violet at the apex oft he stipe and slighthly darkening at the touch in the lower half. Context very hard and coriaceous, sometimes with almost woody consistency, withish in colour, but quickly turning to light blue in the pileus the context remains hard and woody for several days (the original collection, without particular protection or preservation, has been preserved in the air in perfect conditions for up to 30-40 days) scent a little earthly, taste mild. Growing as single basidiomes, but also often caespitose, with 3-4 specimens growing together Basidiospores elliptical-subamigdaliform, with striking elongated apiculi, finely verrucous, 10-12 (-13) x 5-6 μm. Pileipellis formed by interwoven hyphae, provided with clamp connections, about 7 μm diam., barely encrusted and with a predominantlt intracellular, yellow-brown pigment.
    Holotype IBF 20120146.
Associated with Abies cephalonica, with some Cedrus in the surroundings, legit R. Brotzu, L. Lorenzon & F. Padovan, 9th November 2012, locality Vallicciola, Monte Limbara (Sardinia, Italy). The ITS sequence deposited in GenBank AY669526 by Garnica as Cortinarius balteatus (TUB011844) is identical to the sequence generated for the type. Additional material studied: locality Valliciola, Monte Limbara (Sardinia, Italy), legit L. Lorenzon & R. Brotzu, 20th November 2015, in Herbarium IBF20150144; Vizcaya, Arimekorta-Zeanuri, Spain, associated to Pseudotsuga menziesii, legit Antonio Muñoz Sanchez, 7th October 2016 (as Cortinarius veneris), in Herbarium IBF20160122.